Our Services

Transporting Your Piano

Another service that we provide is to transport or even just reposition your piano. Your piano is a fragile instrument which contains numerous moving parts that has to be adjusted just nicely to allow it to perform to its maximum best. If you need to move or transport your piano, it is best to leave it to the piano moving specialist. We are experienced in the various techniques and tools that can be used to transport your piano safely, to ensure that there will be no damages, be it minor scratches or internal malfunction. View more

Regulating Your Piano

Overtime the mechanical aspects of your piano will wear out due to regular playing as well as the changes in wood and wool parts due to humidity. As such, your piano will need to be adjusted to compensate for these effects in order to keep functioning in tip-top condition and to prevent further wear and tear and more potentially serious problems. A rough guideline is to regulate your piano once every 6 to 12 months, with more frequent regulations needed as you play the piano more and more. View more

Voicing Piano

Every piano has its own unique sound and personality – some can be described as “warm”, while others may have a “full singing tone” or “thin” and so on. Although this unique tone is established through the basic design and character of your piano’s tone, there are still various aspects that we can modify to alter the tone of your piano to better suit your taste. Or if your piano’s tone has deteriorated with age, we can restore the original tone to bring back its original tone. This process of modifying a piano’s tone is called voicing. This service is usually recommended fo View more