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– Material: Wood
– Tip Shape: Oval
– Tip Material: Nylon
– Size: 5A
– Length: 16″ / 40.64 cm
– Diameter: 0.57″ / 1.44 cm

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Product Description

Hickory Sticks That Grip You Back!
Hang on to your grip tape – Zildjian Dip drumsticks are ready to rock without modification. Black Dip handles give this matched pair a better grip and shock absorption to protect your joints. That means faster, tougher playing and all-night comfort. Hickory’s natural density packs a wallop at any size. And Zildjian’s oval tips deliver a musical cymbal response and good articulation. If you’re the type of drummer who loses your grip as the night rolls on, Sweetwater percussionists recommend keeping a set of Zildjian Dips in your stick bag.

Full-size oval tip produces full tone. The DIP material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the stick to provide a comfortable, slightly tacky gripping surface.

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