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Technical Specifications:

– Type: Sticks
– Material: Maple
– Size: 5A
– Tip Material: Wood
– Length: 16″
– Diameter: .560″

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Product Description

Zildjian Maple Dip Series Drumsticks – 5A, Wood Tip, Green Dip
Hang on to your grip tape – Zildjian Maple Dip drumsticks are ready to rock without modification. Green Dip handles give this matched pair a better grip and shock absorption to protect your joints. That means faster, tougher playing and all-night comfort. Maple’s low weight and soft playing response make these Dips a good option for low-volume applications, or for players who prefer the feel of a fatter stick without the heft. And Zildjian’s oval tips deliver good cymbal articulation for any style of music. If you’re the type of drummer who loses your grip as the night rolls on, Sweetwater percussionists recommend keeping a set of Zildjian Maple Dips in your stick bag.

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